Race to Connected, Self-Driving Cars Not Without Speed Bumps

self-driving cars

Those racing to fill the streets with driverless and shared vehicles are weighing their competitive pursuits and market moves against the new regulations and industry standards coming down the pike.

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Sales Commission Agreements Can Limit Potential Liability


A manufacturing company’s sales employee successfully convinces a new customer to purchase a commercial cooler. Under the employee’s sales commission plan, she receives a commission of 2% of the price of the cooler and any repair parts purchased.  The employee also receives a 2% commission on the annual service plan the customer purchases to maintain its new cooler.  At the end of the year, the employee quits.  The customer continues to purchase the annual service plan.

Does the former employee have a valid claim for continuing commissions for future repair parts and service plans the customer purchases?

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Automotive Supplier Industry Experts Convene in Detroit and Share 2018 Outlook

The Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESA) held its 19th Annual Conference this week in suburban Detroit under the theme:  “The Industry’s New Landscape.”  And while much of the day was devoted to autonomous vehicle developments and the potential negative impacts on the industry’s North American competitiveness that would result from substantial changes to NAFTA, the afternoon session included a robust discussion of today’s strong market in North America and the more guarded outlook for 2018 and beyond.

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Ready to Release a New Pharmaceutical? What to Think About When Selecting Your Drug Name


Pharmaceutical name clearance in the United States can be complicated.   This post aims to provide insight into the regulatory safety review process and the trademark registration process for candidate drug names.  This information will allow drug manufacturers to make more informed decisions during the pharmaceutical name selection process so that they can arrive at a viable name, and get to market, more quickly.

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Key Provisions for Supply Chain Contracts

Supply Chain

In the manufacturing industry, a company’s supply chain can be a source of both risk and value.  By paying careful attention to the terms of its supply chain contracts, a company can help to mitigate its risks while at the same time maximizing the value of its supply chain.  While no provision in a contract should be overlooked, the six areas discussed below generally are the most critical points to consider when it comes to drafting a supply chain agreement.

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