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Energy Independence in the Age of Renewables

Facing the traditional energy sector’s uncertain future and the decreased cost of  producing renewable energy, many companies have taken to generating their own power. Manufacturers may be in an ideal position to do the same through “net metering.” Some companies, including giants such as Google and Apple, have been so successful generating their own power … Continue reading this entry

Role of Talent in Site Selection for Manufacturers

One of the leading challenges facing many manufacturers in the U.S. is the attraction and retention of talent. At the same time, many U.S. states (particularly in the South and Southeast) are throwing attractive incentive packages at manufacturers to lure them to move to their states. At the recently concluded 2015 National Directors Institute (NDI) … Continue reading this entry

Preparing a Company to Deal With Activist Investors

Shareholder activism has the potential to affect any publicly traded manufacturer’s business approach. Recently activist investors have impacted companies by persuading them to change executive compensation, accept new directors, update environmental policies, restructure the company, and more. Furthermore, how the SEC responds to shareholder proposals is of great interest to publicly traded manufacturing firms. Under … Continue reading this entry